Today is a big day for me and hopefully for you too. With the launch of the website I feel as if I have just gone through a rebirth. It has taken me a long time dreaming, preparing and doing whatever it takes to make this a reality.

I have answered yes many a times to the call, the call to share my story for other people’s benefit. I have spent a lot of time working up my courage to lay bare my soul, to share my truth and my transformation with the hopes that my story will inspire you to start yours.

Today as I celebrate my success, I invite you to celebrate your success, big and small and everything in between. Too often we take ourselves for granted. We’ll gladly celebrate others yet when it comes to ourselves, we’d say, “Ah, I’m fine. I don’t need it.”

I am here to tell you, not only do we need it, when we have the opportunity to, we must want to experience it again and again and again in order to be emotionally healthy. Because power, importance and attention are three of our seven emotional needs.

And it is important to meet them positively rather than negatively. I would like to clarify that my definition of success covers more than tangible things. I count sending my two kids off to school in the morning happy a success; getting to play tennis during lunch time a success; and feeling well after a two weeks long cold a success.

Today I would like to congratulate you for taking action to be here, for searching for ways to do things differently and for wanting to make a change. If you have been asking yourself…

“What does it take to be happy? or to meet your ideal partner, or to have a loving and supportive partner if you’re already in a relationship, or to have a happy family with well-behaved kids?”

You can count on being able to get research-based information and effective tools to jump-start your transformation here. While I am wildly excited to be here, I am glad you are starting your journey of amazing changes. I count today as the beginning of many wonderful relationships!

Until next time, please remember YOU ARE WORTHY AND DESERVING!

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