I have been on a long hiatus because of a long list of reasons. For a couple of months now I have been mentally preparing myself for a new beginning, a kind of reset. What that means is I’ll be blogging and writing again. I know I am ready to do it because timing feels so wonderfully right. I have been talking with my tribe and thanks to their support and encouragement I feel a surge of energy and I am motivated to take action.

This time I am writing with a much clearer purpose. Because of my positive transformation in parenting, couples relationship and personal growth I want to share my story for your benefit. I feel called to share my experience to help you identify and break through disempowering culture beliefs so you too can find fulfilling work, create meaningful connections and form rewarding relationships.

Getting started is usually the most challenging part of any attempt at making changes. It is necessary that you understand it’s the “doing” that puts things in motion and gives you the momentum to get to your goals. Here is a list of steps that help me to take action:

1. First, a little pre-work, called a Brain Dump exercise

• List everything you think you have to do on a piece of paper, or whichever medium you prefer. This step of seeing your list versus having it stored in your head will immediately reduce your stress level.
• Put them in 3 or 4 different categories for organizational purposes.
• Identify which ones need immediate attention and which ones can be deferred. How do you feel now looking at your shortened list?

2. From this shorter list, write down the ONE thing (WHAT) you want most and give it a timeline. The idea of doing just one thing helps you avoid feeling overwhelmed and having a timeline gives you motivation to get started and anticipation to seeing it to completion.

3. Next is, WHY do you want it? List as many reasons as you can come up with; do it with no criticism and no judgment. When you spend enough time and I would encourage you to take your time, with your WHY, your real reason, your purpose will show up.

4. Now “HOW do you want to feel?” I believe this is your TRUE goal. Your feelings will confirm your WHY purpose and your WHAT desire. When you get to this step of HOW, there’s usually a good chance that you’d want to modify your WHAT.

5. Create a plan

• Be very specific with your action plan. The more specific you are, the more likely you will get going and continue the momentum. There’s just something very powerful about ticking off or crossing out item by item on that to do list. I used to motivate myself by listing the most obvious steps like Morning Routine: brush & change, Eat Breakfast, News in 15 Minutes, just so I could easily check them off my list☺.

6. Get a support network ~ I cannot emphasize how important having a support network is! It’s very motivating when we feel the support of people who care about us and our dreams. With their guidance and words of encouragement we are likely to keep working on achieving our goals.

• If you feel like you don’t have one already in place, join a support group.
• Too shy to reach out to people? Read a self-help book; look online, sign up for a seminar, listen to or attend a TED Talk, get a coach, etc.

7. Take action

• Take baby steps. If you only do ONE thing on your to do list, it is one thing you’ll get done and one thing less for you to do.
• Aspire to be a walker, before you can be a marathon runner. Aim to stay the course and remember: slow and steady wins the race.

So best wishes to all of us who are launching a new beginning or restarting something we’ve been putting off. I’ll check back with you all next month to see how much progress everyone has made. Until then, JUST DO IT!

I would like to extend a warm welcome to my millennial readers. I am looking forward to providing you with helpful tips and tools as well as the support you need to go after what you want out of life.

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