August 11, 2016

My dear Tag,

The inevitable time has arrived. As we are getting ready to move you in to the school of your choice, I am full of great anticipation, excitement and joy. While I cannot say I am also full of sadness, I do feel extremely emotional with the thought of not seeing you on a daily basis. I know I will miss you terribly and I also know that I will be seeing a lot of you throughout the school year. You know that I will make sure that happens, right☺? I promise I will not appear unannounced or wear out my welcome☺ and I promise I will always respect your time and schedule and will not push for a visit when you do not want one.

As far as words of wisdom goes, I am confident that you already know how to be on your own. We are so happy knowing that you have learned how to have fun and be responsible, especially with taking care of your health and safety and schoolwork, at the same time. If I had to find something to say, it would be to continue to live that life style and you will receive the same positive results that you have been receiving to date.

What I wanted to share with you most is the content of the Love You Forever book. We have had so many conversations about me wanting to make sure you know how much you are loved. From the time you were born my goal has always been to be the mother that you needed and wanted me to be. Yet even with my transformation in parenting I still made some crazy mistakes and I am sure there will be more. I know you have found it in your heart to forgive me for those mistakes and for that I thank you. What I have learned is life is all about learning and evolving. And you have been an incredible teacher for all that I want to be: accepting, understanding, loving and supportive. I am so proud to be your mother and to have had the pleasure of witnessing you live your life the way I want to live mine.

You are blessed with a love of learning, an off the chart intellect, a wisdom that is beyond your age and a heart full of love, Tag. While your head will provide you with a great career and a comfortable life; it’s your heart that will make a difference if you want to influence people and contribute to the world. Because at the end of the day, nothing is worth more than for someone to know that he is accepted completely and loved unconditionally by another human being.

I know that you will tap into your faith and I hope you will call on dad and or me for support during the challenging times. No one is spared challenges so you will have them too; but if you treat every experience as a lesson for you to evolve then you will have a lot to gain. This is where attitude counts. You have a choice, remember this, YOU ALWAYS HAVE A CHOICE, of how you see things. And how you see things is what you send out in to the world; and what you send out will come back to you. The world is full of wonderful people, amazing places and interesting things for you to experiment and explore. Right now it is awaiting you with open arms and I know you are eager to participate and offer up your gifts, skills and talents. Go forth my son and live fully, love unconditionally and laugh loudly until your belly hurts. Everything out there is yours to be enjoyed and shared!

I love you Tag,

It’s been five weeks since I dropped off my college freshman at a school some 2,000 miles away. Before we went on our three-day drive across the country, I was warned that I’d break down with sadness this rite of passage brings. I waited for it to happen but it didn’t. Then I thought for sure it would when I returned home and tried to adjust to a new life without seeing him on a daily basis 9 months out of the year. Well, it hasn’t happened yet either and honestly, I don’t think it will. I believe the main reason is he has been well trained on how to be responsible and self-sufficient so he was ready to be on his own. As for us we were ready to let him go because we feel that he has truly found a place where he is excited to be at, comfortable exploring and ready to learn. As parents isn’t this what we pray and hope for when the time comes for our children to leave our nest?

Of course there’s so much more than everything coming up roses here. If you’re a parent to teenagers, you’re probably asking the question, “How do you train teenagers to be responsible and self-sufficient?” I will be sure to share that in my next post!

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