Would you like to have a marriage that is more beautiful than your wedding?

Bring back intimacy, passion and commitment into your relationship!

  • 40 years of research
  • 200 published academic articles
  • 3,000 couples studied
  • 55,000 clinicians trained

The Gottman method is based upon Dr. John Gottman’s four decades of research with thousands of couples. Drs. John and Julie Gottman have shown how couples can accomplish long-term relationship satisfaction by paying attention to what they call The Sound Relationship House, or the nine components of healthy relationships.

Combining knowledge and wisdom from research and clinical practice, the Gottman Method uses a practical approach to help couples break through barriers to achieve greater understanding, connection, and intimacy in their relationships.

Middle-aged couple hugging

Do you find yourself…

Young couple looking unhappy

…feeling disconnected, lonely and isolated from your partner?

…unhappy with your partner or your marriage?

…physically and emotionally stressed?

…and your partner co-existing with no romance, sex or love?

…feeling unloved, unsupported and unappreciated?

…ready to call it quits?

And what do you do? You try to handle it on your own. You put up a façade that everything is okay for your kids, family and friends. You hope for the best and prepare for the worst? I get it because I’ve been there, done that! After years of surviving, I am glad I’d decided that I was worthy and deserving of real joy and happiness and was not willing to settle for anything less than an ideal partner and a happy marriage.

I made the biggest investment in myself, in my partner and in my marriage, in the form of education. I figured, if a lawyer had to go to law school to learn about the laws so she could become a good and successful lawyer, I could learn about healthy relationship skills so I would become good and successful at relationships.

My courage to take inspired actions had turned my marriage into a happier and more fulfilling partnership. My marriage has become one of mutual respect, affection and closeness.

Together my husband and I are modeling to our children that we have a choice in determining our happiness, that we can choose to do things differently and more effectively and most of all we can learn to grow and nurture a relationship for everyone’s benefit.

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