Personal Empowerment

Is it time?
Time for some inspired actions so you can break out of your culture’s limited and disempowering ideology and start living the life that you have always dreamed of?

I was a first-generation immigrant. And even after I had blended in with mainstream society and seemingly “succeeded,” I was an insecure parent, an unhappy partner, and a conflicted person. After years of internal struggle I decided to get help and hired a coach. With her help I have transformed myself into a self-accepting, loving individual with confidence and a zest for life.

My positive experience led me to a life full of gratitude and a calling to be of service to others. Bridging The Culture Gap was born out of my desire to share my experience to help you make the same amazing transformation.

Can you identify with one or more of these challenges?

  • You experience a high level of stress because of your family’s expectations for performance and achievement
  • You’re living the blame, shame and guilt cycle on a regular basis
  • You’re having the feeling of “I am not enough”
  • You’re having difficulties handling family obligations and taking care of your own family
  • You’re feeling not worthy or deserving of what you want out of life
  • You’re feeling conflicted
  • You continue to chase one success after another and experience little joy

Here’s the good news. You are in the right place. This is where you can get educated with research-based and result-proven information; receive how-to tools and on-going support so you can begin to live a happy and fulfilling life.

I felt heard and understood by you! I felt respected and inspired! Our time together was extremely valuable for me. It helped me bring clarity as to whom I am and what I want to contribute to the world. You helped me realize I am called to serve! I started thinking of my actions in my daily life with a question: “what will I tell Lee about this?” “Am I being my best self right now?”…The integrity with which you showed up for me is amazing. And it is strengthening my own integrity. Thank you for helping me find some of the inner blocks to success, like “I am not good enough!” You were so skillfully leading m to be aware of my best qualities. Thank you!!!!!

Borjana Vincic

Working with Lee was a pleasure. Her gentle, caring nature combined with her acute intuition and her ability to ask questions that lead to real understanding, solutions and release is amazing. Lee is a beautiful, caring being and I highly recommend her.

Jason Richardson – President, Smokin 6R Inc – Odessa, TX

Lee has an uncanny ability to help me get excited about the opportunities inherent in situations I previously perceived as challenges. Without exceptions, I’ve come away from my coaching sessions with Lee with a sense of optimism and possibility in place of fear and doubt. She’s one of the most heart-centered, insightful and effective coaches I’ve had the pleasure to work with. Coaching with Lee is a tremendous gift.

Deb Dominguez – Coach, Author, Speaker –

Lee helps me to understand that I am responsible for my own thoughts and feelings and actions, no matter what my partner thinks, feels or does. Learning about how our past influences our values and beliefs, the way we live and how we react to others was of immense value to me. The fact that I now have the tools to handle disagreements, to negotiate for what I want and still help my partner feel supported, has really improved our relationship. I went into life coaching kicking and screaming and now I couldn’t recommend it enough, especially with Lee.


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