Now you can learn positive parenting skills based on the latest psychology, neurology, and biology research

No more joking about not having a “parenting bible!” This is your long-awaited parenting program. You will learn how to motivate and teach your children responsibility, acquire the tools to communicate and discipline, and receive guidance and support to create a home filled of joy, laughter and a lifetime of meaningful connections and rewarding relationships.

Are you living with the same frustration when it comes to disciplining your children?

Do you find even with a reward, punishment and sometimes bribery, nothing seems to motivate them?

Are you vacillating between being too strict to no discipline without getting the desired results?

Do you frequently wonder whether or not you’re doing the right thing? You’re wrestling between doing too much and worried about not doing enough for them?

Five years ago I was an anxious, stressed out and strict “Tiger mom” with two unhappy pre-teen boys. Other than the fact that I loved my children, I had no plans, no confidence and a passed down family mindset parenting approach. As they entered the teen years I worried that they would engage in risky behaviors and ruin their lives.

Then I decided to enlist the help of a parenting coach. My decision to get educated on child development and acquire the right disciplining tools changed our lives.

The benefits that my family and I gained became my passion and now calling. I feel called to be of your service, to show you the exact steps on how you can create your personal parenting plan so you too, can enjoy being a peaceful, confident and joyful parent with happy kids.

This is for you if…

…you want a blue print to parenting so you’d know exactly what to do in any situations and feel good about your disciplining style

…you want to start seeing more smiles in your home, improve your communication and relationship with your children

…you want to see your children develop high self-esteem, become responsible, self-motivated, and ultimately become successful and happy adults

Picture of happy family at the dinner table

Not only is Lee a caring, loving, extraordinary mother, she lives what she teaches. I coached Lee in the Parenting From The Heart program for two years before she decided to become a certified parenting instructor for our program. She took her role as a student very seriously and practiced living the principles daily. It was a privilege and an honor knowing she had the desire to take her learning to the next level and become a certified instructor of our program. Lee is heartfelt, funny, and compassionate. She loves children and families. She cares very deeply about bringing peace and joy to each family she serves! So that each family can create the family of their dreams!

Linda Hatfield – Co-founder –

I had the privilege to train Lee in our Parenting From The Heart Program. From the very start I could tell that she understood the principles from a deep and conscious place. She has taken the role of mother seriously and has created a loving home for her boys to thrive in. Lee is a true friend and I would trust her in any situation. You can trust her to assist you with your family!

Ty Hatfield – Co-founder –

I feel very honored to have known and worked with Lee Giacalone with Heart-2-Heart Parenting over the past several years. Upon meeting Lee, it is evident that she is very warm, empathic and engaging. The more you interact with her you really begin to understand her compassion and dedication to her family as well as to the parents that she works with through Heart-2-Heart Parenting. She wholeheartedly believes in the goal of building strong families through utilizing research-based and result-proven relationship information.

Lee’s courageous spirit is so apparent as she connects with parents while teaching them how to meet their children’s 7 Emotional Needs. She leads by example and presents the material in a such a way that you gain the confidence, as a parent, to begin incorporating effective strategies that will help you communicate with your child and strengthen your family. I appreciate here patience and honest feedback.

As a therapist in the Naperville area, it is nice to know that Lee and Heart-2-Heart Parenting are available to families. It is a complimentary program with therapy that I would highly recommend.

Angela Michalak, M.A., LCPC –

When I signed up for the class I was skeptical. Parenting classes seems like something parents of toddlers should be taking, not parents of teenagers. But, when Lee posed the question, “What do you have to lose?” I had no good answer. The difference it’s been in my family’s life has been incredible. The tension has diminished, and the relationships I’ve been able to form with my son and strengthen with my daughter are more than I could’ve thought possible. The tools I’ve gained to deal with my children are invaluable, and I’m so glad I heeded her suggestion. This class has changed our lives.


Lee’s Heart-2-Heart Parenting classes changed my mind-literally-about how to parent my children. Lee’s intimate, empathetic mentoring style is priceless support as I navigate this journey. Lee’s engaging guided imagery and role play exercises, along with personalized troubleshooting and problem solving and home study assignments cover a complete scope of learning styles and activate students on the deepest level to facilitate positive change. What you will learn by taking this course becomes a part of your parenting DNA.

Short, simple, intuitive directives are easy to recall in the heat of a toddler meltdown, or a kindergartener’s act of defiance. By following the heart-centered parenting model Lee teaches, communication and teamwork in my house improved dramatically. I have immense gratitude for Lee and her dedication to help parents change the world a little bit every day through Heart-2-Heart Parenting, and highly recommend Lee’s services to facilitate you joining us on this positive parenting journey!

Bethanie Joy

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