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On March 29, 2018, my oldest sister Chanh was hit by a pick up truck while crossing the street to get to her car after work. She suffered fatal injuries from the impact and was officially pronounced dead 12 hours later when life support was turned off. Her death has left us with a void that will never be filled. There are no words that can adequately describe the overwhelming grief our family has been experiencing since that fateful day.

My sister was someone special. She lived a selfless life and left a complicated legacy. To her family, she was a devoted mother and wife. To us siblings, she was a provider from a very young age. However, our relationships with her were very challenging. Because we were raised with some very disempowering cultural beliefs and unreasonable family expectations, my sister lived her life serving others while ignoring her own needs. Having spent more than two decades in self-empowerment work, I can tell you that while what my sister strived to do was very honorable, not knowing about her emotional needs and how to meet them, she was caught in the vicious cycle of resentment, anger and guilt.

I’m writing the story of her life in the hopes of accomplishing a few things:

  1. Helping my family to recognize her predicament and come to appreciate her tremendous sacrifice and contribution to our lives (recognize, repair and move forward)
  2. Helping others to recognize their situations and learn how to overcome their disempowering cultural beliefs and unrealistic family expectations so they too can create meaningful connections and rewarding relationships within their families as well as with other people
  3. Motivating others to take action to make changes in their lives

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