Lee Giacalone

Lee’s expertise is self-empowerment
within the context of bridging cultural gaps

Lee grew up in poverty in war-torn Vietnam. In 1975, at the age of 15, Lee and her family of six left for the United States. When she arrived in the US, Lee faced the “sink or swim” new life that frequently greets first-generation refugees/immigrants. She successfully navigated the transition from refugee to achieving the American Dream.

With a Bachelor of Science degree in Economics from Bowling Green State University in Ohio, Lee is also certified as a Parent Educator with Parenting From The Heart, a Gottman Institute Seven Principles Leader, and holds a Life Coaching certificate from the Quantum Success Coaching Academy. 

Lee utilizes a research-based emotional wellness program to help people manage cultural differences, set limits and boundaries with family expectations, especially in their efforts to live their best lives. Lee works with those who want to turn their differences into strengths, to live an empowered life and to create meaningful connections and rewarding relationships.

Lee is married and has two adult children in college. She is currently living in Chicago and writing her family’s memoir.

Lee Oanh Giacalone Photo

“Working with Lee was a pleasure. Her gentle, caring nature combined with her acute intuition and her ability to ask questions that lead to real understanding, solutions and release is amazing. Lee is a beautiful, caring being and I highly recommend her.”

Jason Richardson
President, Smokin 6R Inc
Odessa, TX

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Educator badge - The Gottman Seven Principles Program

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